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By , on December 21, 2017

Fall, Roberts

“Adam fell that men might be;”  (2 Nephi 2:25)

B. H. Roberts wrote the following about this scripture and the doctrine of the Fall that springs from it:

“The effect of this doctrine upon the ideas of men concerning the great Patriarch of our race will be revolutionary. It seems to be the fashion of those assuming to teach the Christian religion to denounce Adam in unmeasured terms; as if the fall of man had surprised, if indeed, it did not altogether thwart, the original plan of God respecting the existence of man in the earth … it logically follows that the fall no less than the Atonement or redemption must have been part of God’s plan respecting the earth probation of men. The Fall, undoubtedly, was a fact as much present to the foreknowledge of God as was the Atonement, and the act which encompassed it must be regarded as more praiseworthy than blameworthy, since it was essential to the accomplishment of the divine purpose.”

Elder Brigham Henry Roberts
The Seventy’s Course in Theology, Fourth Year, p. 37

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