The Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ is the heart and core and center of revealed religion.

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October 8, 2017

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It has been my pleasure and duty, during the past few months, to review and set in order for the study of our Seventies’ quorums the doctrine of the atonement of Jesus Christ; and this late inquiry into that subject has had a wonderful effect upon my own thought and state of mind.

I have for many years believed in the atonement of Jesus Christ and have accepted its symbols in baptism and in confirmation; and have repeatedly renewed my acceptance of that atonement by accepting the sacrament of the Lord’s supper. It has been a matter of faith with me and of knowledge, by the testimony of the Spirit of God to my soul; but upon close inquiry, by deeper delving into the subject, my intellect also gives its full and complete assent to the soundness of the philosophy and the absolute necessity for the atonement of Jesus Christ.

That this atonement, the method and manner of it is the only way by which there could be brought to pass an atonement, a reuniting of soul of man with soul of God. I account it for myself a new conversion, an intellectual conversion, to the atonement of Jesus Christ; and I have been rejoicing in it of late, exceedingly.

I am convinced that when men of intelligence can be brought to the point of being sufficiently humble to read again the Book of Mormon, and to take into account the high purposes for which it was written, viz., to testify to the truth of the Jewish scriptures, but more especially to testify of the Christ, to bear witness of Him both to Jew and Gentile; testifying that Jesus is the Christ, and that there is no other means of salvation provided but through His atonement. When they will consider the message it has to bear upon these important questions, and will stop sneering at such human elements as may be in it, and will examine once more its teachings upon the great theme of salvation through the atonement of the Christ, they can indeed find wisdom and philosophy and truth in its doctrines.

I proclaim to you, my brethren and sisters, that in the Book of Mormon, more than in any other book written in this world, and I do not except the New Testament-in the Book of Mormon more than in any other book, we have there the necessity of, and the truth of the atonement of the Christ taught to the children of men as nowhere else. I rejoice in these truths; may the Lord seal them upon our hearts and give us grace and strength to live in harmony with them, is my prayer.

Elder Brigham H. Roberts

Conference Report, April 1911, Second Day-Afternoon Session (paragraphs inserted in original to enhance readability)

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