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By , on February 12, 2018

Perry, Temple

The Provo Temple re-opened this week after an extra-long (five weeks) closure for remodeling, cleaning and repair. Today was my first day working in the temple since it re-opened and it looks great.

The overwhelming sentiment among the temple workers I spoke with was how much they missed the temple while it was closed. More than one male worker told me that his wife had informed him he was a better person when he was in the temple every week.

While we don’t speak of temple ordinances outside the temple, I can say that the temple is filled to overflowing with the peace and power that comes from the atoning sacrifice of a loving Savior.

I love to see the temple.
I’m going there someday
To feel the Holy Spirit,
To listen and to pray.
For the temple is a house of God,
A place of love and beauty.
I’ll prepare myself while I am young;
This is my sacred duty.

Janice Kapp Perry
“I Love to See the Temple,”
Children’s Songbook of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 95

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