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By , on November 2, 2015

Hope, Millett, Nephi, Repentance

Life is repentance . . . progression and improvement and growth and maturity and refinement are all forms of repentance . . . the God-fearing live in a constant state of repentance. It is not intended that we exist in a constant fear or frustration or anxiety but rather that we have desires for holiness and purity, longings to feel quiet confidence before God.

To push ourselves beyond the mark is, in a strange sort of way, a statement that we fear we must do the job ourselves if we expect to get it done.

Balance – that is the key. I have come to sense the need to balance a type of “divine discontent” – a healthy longing to improve – with what Nephi called a “perfect brightness of hope,” the Spirit-given assurance that in and through Jesus Christ we are going to make it.

Robert Millet
Grace Works, Deseret Book , 2007, pages132–33

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