The Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ is the heart and core and center of revealed religion.

Elder Bruce R. McConkie Christ and the Creation

By , on September 22, 2015

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“The most important thing we can do in preparing individuals to receive the full blessings of the Atonement is to understand it and to believe in it ourselves. By understanding and believing in the Atonement personally, you and I can teach and testify of the Atonement with greater gratitude, greater love, and greater power.

. . . .

“. . . the Atonement of Jesus Christ blesses us in so many ways. Through it and it alone, a remission of our sins, bringing the needed emancipation discussed earlier, can occur.

“Likewise, the Atonement makes significant personal progress possible by what the Book of Mormon calls “faith unto repentance” in Jesus, in the Atonement, and in the Father’s plan of salvation (see Alma 34:15–17). Otherwise, individuals who do not have faith unto repentance will wrongly reason, ‘Why bother to repent?  Little wonder the scriptures say that human ‘despair cometh because of iniquity” (Moro. 10:22). The Atonement, instead, can bring us a ‘brightness of hope’ even amid our losses, crosses, sorrows, and disappointments (2 Ne. 31:20).”

Elder Neal A. Maxwell

Testifying of the Great and Glorious Atonement,” Ensign, Oct. 2001, 10. From a Church satellite broadcast on conversion and retention given at the Provo Missionary Training Center on 29 August 1999.


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