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By , on February 10, 2017


This is a story about two women writers. One helps teach the other how to write and the other tells amazing stories.

From Shannon Alder, author of 300 Questions to Ask Your Parents Before Its Too Late:

When I met Emily, I knew right away that she was the sharpest 91-year-old I had ever known. Working with Emily as her Physical Therapist following her abdominal surgery, I got to know this remarkable woman over a 2-week period. What stories Emily had to tell! Living as Jews in Austria during Hitler’s reign, her family had gone into hiding. Emily survived, but her two siblings were caught and sent to concentration camps where both were killed.

. . . .

I told Emily that she must write her experiences down. I gave her a copy of my book, 300 Questions to Ask Your Parents Before it’s too Late. Every day when I went to see her, I caught her writing in it. Our discussions always revolved around what she had written, until the last day that I saw her. Not her usual upbeat self, she was concerned with the world’s state of affairs.

. . . .

Emily caught my arm and motioned for me to sit. “I got to the most important question last night in your book. Don’t you want to know what I said?” she sniffled. I sat down beside her and leaned in to hear. “Which question was that?” I asked with enthusiasm. “The most important thing I learned in my life?” she said with a smile. “It’s something I want you to remember and then tell others.” She raised the head of the bed so she could get closer to me. “There’s a Chinese saying I read somewhere. ‘Women hold up half the world.’ Shannon, do your part as a woman to make the world better and stand up for those in need. I should have done more to help out. That is what I regret.”

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